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  • Which way do the color palates go ? BUFF BEIGE IS TOO LIGHT.. also what about combining 3 in 1 and the step 3 for maximum coverage. Reddish nose and cheeks light acne chin line and forehead.. NEED coverage that appears natural
     Shades are listed in order from light to dark. The  BB and CC Creams are great for providing natural looking coverage. http://www.physiciansformula.com/en-us/product/face/bb-cc.html Hope this helps!
  • I was given the following Aging products and wonder if they are to be used at the same time and in what order: a Expression Line Freeze, Laser Resurfacing Serum, and Wrinkle Filler & Deep Moisture Repair. Also, is additional day or night moisturizer required? Thank you.
    The products are meant to be used together. Always start with the lightest product first, so the Expression Line Freeze in the areas needed, followed by the Laser Resurfacing Serum and lastly the Wrinkle Filler & Deep Moisture Repair. Just be sure to add a SPF into your regimen as well. The Wrinkle Filler & Deep Moisture Repair is your moisturizer so nothing additional is needed. 
  • I have ben using Pore-Refining Skin freshener but can't find it now. Has it been discontinued and if so, is there a replacement for it? Thanks.
    Sorry, I'm not familiar with is product. Visit the skincare product page for a complete list of available products. 
  • For years, I use Physicians Formula Durascreen UVA/UVB Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 30. I recently learn that it is discontinued. What other alternative is there with the same effectiveness and performace as Durascreen? Thank You, Ivan
    Unfortunately we don't have a replacement for this product at this time. 
  • Do any of your products contain soy? I have hypothyroidism and need to make sure nuts and soy are not in the ingredients but mostly soy.
    For a complete list of ingredients, please click on the ingredient tab on the product page.
  • Does PF still make LE Velvet? If not what product is most like it? Thanks for your help.
    This product is discontinued, you can check in with Customer Service.  Thank you!
  • Hello I have Celiac and super sensitive eyes with contacts. Can you please recommend eye shadows, liners and mascara that is gluten free? Thank you so much
    All of our launches 2013 and on are gluten free. When you click on a product, it is noted in the description if it is gluten free. 
  • I'm at a point in life where I have developed an allergic reaction to any makeup I wear, I'm fully considering purchasing from this line alone. It's true that all products are hypoallergenic and will not cause me to react to the product?
    Yes, all products are hypoallergenic and the Mineral Wear line is great for sensitive skin. 
  • Is the Plump Potion gluten-free?
    No. All skin care products are gluten free and makeup launches 2013 and on are gluten free. 
  • I have eczema and I want to wear make up, will this make-up cause skin irritation or break outs? and I use Triamcinolone.
    Look for products that are non-comedogenic, which means they will not block your pores and cause breakouts. The Mineral Wear collection is ideal for sensitive and breakout prone skin becuase it contains natural, minimal ingredients that will not cause skin to breakout or experience an adverse reaction.
  • Hi, I was wondering what foundation and powder is best to use for dry skin? Thanks!
    Please direct makeup questions to our makeup artist, thank you!
  • Hi, please kindly advise a list of your products that are truly 100% vegan (no beewax etc), and cruelty free, and no chemicals. I would like to buy those for my friends. Thanks!
    All our products are cruelty free. For a complete list of ingredients, please click on the ingredient tab on the product page.
  • I am 63 yrs.old love to wear make up but the powders make my wrinkles look worse what am I doing wrong, liquids make me feel heavy what would u suggest. I work night shift I)m an RN please help
    Please reach out to Ask Joanna with makeup related questions, thank you!
  • Is there a product that can diminish or fade sun spots?
    Give the Dark Spot Corrector and Skin Brightener a try. The potent serum targets signs of uneven skin tone and helps address the evidence of sun damage: dark spots, dark patches and skin stresses. The anti-oxidant formula can help inhibit the appearance of uneven pigment formation. Specialized ingredients target surface darkening and exfoliate it away. Works to keep skin looking brighter, more uniform in tone.
  • I have used your Deep Wrinkle Day and Night Cream for years, but lately, when I have purchased it, it is not the same consistency. It's a darker color and has a different not-so-pleasant smell. Is there something going on with the production. I have purchased it locally and on Amazon and have had to return it. There doesn't seem to be any use by date or any date at all on the product. Please advise. I have always loved the product until all of these problems.
    Reach out to Customer Service, thanks!
  • Are any of your products or lines non-comedogenic? If so what line or product
    All Physicians Formula products are non-comdogenic. 
  • I suffer from eczema and need a mild light colored powder or foundation that won't irritate my skin. Any suggestions?
    The Mineral Wear collection is ideal for breakout prone skin because it contains natural, minimal ingredients that will not cause skin to breakout or experience an adverse reaction.  
  • I have really oily skin and I would like to know what powder could i use to reduce that
    Makeup questions are best directed to Ask Joanna. Thanks!
  • Determined to have a MethyChloro-2-methyl-4-isothiazolin-3-one KATHON CG contact allergy. Please advise of any of your products that have it. Thanks so much!
    For a complete list of ingredients, please click on the ingredient tab on the product page.
  • I love to use eyeshadow and mascara but have yet to find a product that doesn't make my eyes itchy or red by the end of the day. Any suggestions?
    I would suggest hypoallergenic eye makeup that is safe to use on sensitive skin and contact lens wearers. If you continue to have problems with eye makeup, I recommend seeing a dermatologist and considering allergy testing for your skin to determine which ingredient you are having a reaction to and therefore make it easier for you to avoid those products that contain that particular ingredient.