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  • I just purchased the organic tinted moisturizer. Can you tell me if it contains st john's wort extract? Do any of the Physican's Formula Products contain St John's Wort Oil or other components?

    Thanks for reaching out! Please click on the ingredient tab on the product page for the complete list of ingredients. Hope this helps!

  • Do the powder pallets contain Methylchloroisothiazolinone? I am allergic to this and cannot find information on the package.

    For a complete list of ingredients, please click on the ingredient tab on the product page.

  • I loved sun shield lip balm, but PF discontinued it. Is there another product, or will they be releasing a substitute any time soon? Can't live without it!

    Sorry, there aren't currently any lip balms in the line.

  • I have medium tone skin...I need a concealer for my eye circles. Which do I buy?

    This question is best directed to Ask Joanna. Thank you!

  • Can you put the deep wrinkle corrector day and night cream, or the wrinkle corrector and firming moisturizer spf 15 under or around your eyes?

    These products are for the entire face and while you can certainly use them around the eye area (be sure to keep them out of eyes), it would be best to use an eye cream, which is specially fomulated for this delicate area.

  • Why don't you put more information in your product packages? I bought the Visible Aging package, and have no idea whatsoever the order to use the products. Please answer this as soon as possible.

    Please see below for details on using the products. Hope this helps! Wrinkle Corrector & Firming Moisturizer SPF 15: Apply after cleanser and any treatment products. Massage evenly over face and neck. Deep Wrinkle Corrector Day & NightCream: After cleansing morning and evening, massage evenly over face, neck and chest. Always follow with the SPF 15 Moisturizer during the day. Intensive Wrinkle Corrector Eye Crem: After cleansing, use ring finger to genty pat onto eye area. Always follow with SPF 15 moisturizer for during the day.

  • Are all products organic or just a few?

    All the products found in the Organic Wear line are 100% natural and most are 70% organic.

  • Can i order your product online?

    Yes! You can order directly from

  • Are your products paraben free?

    Yes, all Physicians Formula products are paraben free.

  • Are your items that are gluten free labeled gluten free on the packaging?

    All the skincare products are gluten free.

  • Hi, I know all of you have been asked this many times & may get tired of the gluten questions. But I am suffering from Celiac's disease & have had some crazy reactions to things, since I've been clearing my body. I find it very hard to trust companies that just say yes to some of their products but aren't really specific. I see that questions have been answered saying all the "new" line make-up is gluten free. Although that isn't a list or if you might put a gluten free notice on the item itself would help sell your items to the growing masses of people suffering from gluten. I recently bought the mineral wear foundation & the powder but I know it has Tocopheryl acetate, which can come from corn, wheat or soy. Can you please tell me more about this & if you can give a list of products that are & will stay gluten free? I would like to share with my many friends that I've met over the time I've been dealing with this disease. I do love your products by the way! Thank you, Sarah

    All of the skincare products are gluten free. For questions regarding the makeup, please reach out to Ask Joanna. Thank you!

  • what is the best products for under eye circles?

    The skin of the under-eye area requires special attention because it is thinner and more prone to dryness and wrinkling as a result of skin laxity. In addition, dark circles under the eyes are a very common complaint among my patients. Both the Moisture Balance Eye Cream and the Anti-aging Eye Cream provides the moisture this special area requires and improves the appearance of dark circles with the eye brightener ingredient. You have to check out the special applicator on these products that makes applying the eye cream a cinch!


Dr. Meghan O’Brien is a board certified dermatologist specializing in comprehensive medical and cosmetic dermatology. She graduated as cum laude from Harvard University with a bachelor’s degree in Anthropology and completed her advanced medical training in dermatology at Drexel University College of medicine. Dr. O’Brien is a Clinical Instructor at Weill Cornell Medical College and is practicing with one of the most prestigious skin care clinics in the country, Tribeca Park Dermatology group in New York City.