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  • I read and article that some powders and blushes contain a substance that has asbestos fibers. Is this true of the Blush Natural I am using from Physicians Formula?

    For a complete list of ingredients, click on the ingredient tab on the product page. 

  • Do Physicains Formula Bronzers, compact expire? If they have not yet been opened, what is the typical shelf life please? I just purchased an organic compact, the refund offer inside the box expired in 2008! Is the product still okay to use? Please advise, Thank you. BTW...I love your products!

    Generally you shouldn't keep products past two years, though they will typically carry an expiration date only if there's SPF. For additional information, please contact Customer Service as this would be best directed to them. 

  • I have been told I have a skin disease called icthyosis. I very dry skin my face isn't usually an issue until winter or until I wear foundation. Do you have any suggestions for the best foundation/powder to use that's not going to dry my skin out ananymore. Thanks in advance!

    Makeup questions are best directed to Ask Joanna. Thanks!

  • I have celiac disease and was wondering if the physicians formula makeup, eyeliner, etc is truly guten-free and would be safe for my skin! i am pretty sure i have DH and wanted to make sure they are safe.

    The newer launches from 2013 and on are gluten free. 

  • I love the Cosmetic Procedure Alternatives Kit!!! I need to re-order and cannot find how to order merchandise on this website. I have checked stores in Houston Texas and cannott find this kit. I bought orginal kit at Wallmart...I have checked 6 Wallmarts they do not have this product. I want to order on line from this website. Thank you, My phone number is 832-368-3337. Marilyn Murphy

    You can place your order direclty online or please contact Customer Service for assistance. 

  • I love to wear makeup and mostly for my eyes because I have blonde, and very few and short, eye lashes but I have yet to find anything I can wear without causing severe problems. My eyes are very sensitive and no matter what I have tried it proves too painful to wear for any length of time. My eyes become so irritated that they get very red and watery and cause tears constantly! My nose runs, too. Until I remove the makeup, this will continue every time! This has always been a problem since I began to wear makeup and now decades later it still is the biggest issue. I can only wear waterproof mascara and tolerate it for brief times but oh how much I wish to be able to wear makeup everyday but it's too painful. I've tried to keep all types of makeup away from my eyes like concealers and foundations ever liners and shadows, except of course mascara, to help with this problem but it makes little difference. Please, is there anything I can do to stop this problem or to help me reduce them from becoming so irritated? I wish so much to have beautiful and colorful eyes for it is one of my better facial features, thank you.

    I would suggest a hypoallergenic liner that is safe to use on sensitive skin and contact lens wearers and not apply in the wetline of the eye to avoid extreme sensitivity. If you continue to have problems with eye makeup, I recommend seeing a dermatologist and considering allergy testing for your skin to determine which ingredient you are having a reaction to and therefore make it easier for you to avoid those products that contain that particular ingredient.

  • I am allergic to most skin care products. Is this fragrance free non-comedogenic water based foundation?

    I'm not sure what product you're referring to but for questions regarding makeup please reach out to Ask Joanna. Thanks!

  • Some of your products contain tocopheryl/ tocopheryl acetate which may come from wheat. Can you provide the source of the tocopheryl in your products please. I am very sensitive to gluten so taking chances with my skin is not an option. Thank you

    All of our skincare is gluten free. 

  • I have been using PF products since they first hit the shelves in the US and love them. For the first time I had a pretty severe (redness & swelling) reaction to the Classic Nudes Shimmer Strips Shadow/Liner. I think it could be the "shimmer" part of the formula. I am concerned as this has never happened to me with any of your products. All of your shadow/liners are "shimmery". Do you have any suggestions or alternatives?

    Sorry you've been having a reaction! Have you tried the Sexy Booster Eyeliner trio? Those liners are matte.

  • I just bought the hormonal aging pink bottle 3 pack How do you use these products? Do you use all 3 at the same time? The brightener is not a bleach is it or is there a peel in any of these. I have delicate skin? Thank you for your help.

    Yes, all the products should be used together. For the Hormonal Skin Care, the products should be applied in this order Radiance Restoring Skin Brightener Anti-Sagging & Restoring Serum Ultra-Rich Restoring Day & Night Cream for Intense Dryness  

  • Hi! I have purchased the cosmeceuticals skincare kit for hormonal aging. I was wondering if you use the skin brightener and the anti sagging & restoring serum at the same time or do you use one during the day and the other at night?..

    For the Hormonal Skin Care, the products should be applied in this order Radiance Restoring Skin Brightener Anti-Sagging & Restoring Serum Ultra-Rich Restoring Day & Night Cream for Intense Dryness  


    Please contact Customer Service. You can also purchase directly from our website. 


Dr. Meghan O’Brien is a board certified dermatologist specializing in comprehensive medical and cosmetic dermatology. She graduated as cum laude from Harvard University with a bachelor’s degree in Anthropology and completed her advanced medical training in dermatology at Drexel University College of medicine. Dr. O’Brien is a Clinical Instructor at Weill Cornell Medical College and is practicing with one of the most prestigious skin care clinics in the country, Tribeca Park Dermatology group in New York City.