Miabellatrixie - Grand Prize Winner
04-30-2013, 14:13
I love to put on a jazzy outfit and go out with the girls! Putting on a great outfit that makes me feel good outside and in, I feel sexy! To put the polish on the great outfit, I love to use Physicians Formula Super BB to even out my skin tone and diminish the wisdom time has given to my face :) read more...Super BB is not just for one evening, it is great for day-wear as well as helps my skin over time keeping my face looking younger, smoother and helathy! I am no spring chicken, but I have a few good years!! Super BB is awesome and transforms my skin - I feel younger and look younger and it helps me to bring my sexy back!
04-30-2013, 15:50
To help me look and feel my best, I start by putting on a flattering dress and a gorgeous pair of shoes. Great accessories like jewelry and a purse add polish to my ensemble. But what really amplifies up my glamorous look is the pop of color on my lips from Physicians Formula Happy Booster™ Glow & M read more...ood Boosting lipstick. The right lip color draws attention to the face and highlights the lips, which are one of the most alluring parts of a woman's body.
04-30-2013, 14:24
What I do to feel sexy and GLAMOUROUS is put on some good dancing tunes while i'm getting ready, sip on some champagne, curl my hair, and make sure to get the perfect smokey eye look. A little black dress and some high heels also do the trick! Now I feel sexy and at my best, ready to hit the town!
04-30-2013, 06:23
! feel my most sexiest when i am laughing and enjoying life...nothing says sexy then a happy,confident women! After a five year battle with cancer I have learned to live,,,love and be as happy as I can be and to me that's how I do SEXY !!
04-30-2013, 06:15
When I want to feel sexy I usually put on a pair of heels with any outfit i feel like a pair of heels can transform a casual outfit to sexy! Heels and some accessories are the key to looking sexy. When doing my makeup for my night out I always use Physicians Formulas Shimmer Strips Custom Bronzer, B read more...lush & Eye Shadow. I am able to put this not only on my face but, my arms and chest for a extra sparkle to stand out!