ASK OUR MAKEUP ARTIST - Physicians Formula
  • have you changed your product line? I've been buying a pressed concealer - small round compact in ivory for years. Can't find it. For undereyes.
    We've expanded our line for sure.  Have you tried looking online? 
  • I never wear foundation because my skin is just too sensitive, my pores just clog and I sweat. I'd like to even out my skin tone and minimize my pores with something but not sure what to choose. Help!
    Not to worry, a powder can give you a fresh, flawless complexion.  I recommend looking at the Physicians Formula Mineral Wear line which will not clog pores and will expertly reduce shine.  Good luck!
  • As I have been unable to find CoverTox Ten makeup for a long time I assume it is discontinued...shame on Physician's Formula. At least I can still get the compact.. What took the place of this make up.........and will we ever get it back?
    Hi There - This is one of Physicians Formula's older items; however, if you're looking for a long-lasting concealer that can provide a good level of coverage, I'd suggest checking out the Super CC Concealer or the Youthful Wear Concealer.  The brand is always creating amazing new ones!
  • Hi Joanna, I have been a long time user of the Physician's Formula Healthy Wear Powder Foundation in Transculent Light. Awesome, lightweight coverage. I was so disenheartened to see it was discontinued a few years ago, but thankfully I have been able to find it online through Amazon. There is now a shortage of it and I am wondering if you can recommend a similar powder foundation that PF currently produces. Thank you!
    Great question - I'd check out the Super BB line, especially the compact cream, which offers great, breathable coverage with a SPF to protect the skin.  
  • Does the Organic Wear CC cream have a matte or dewy finish?
    I'd say it has a more illuminating finish that gives skin a glow.  Hope that helps!