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  • I like quick and simple and hate a lot of layers. I have large pores and oily skin. What kind of primer and foundation would you recommend AND is there a need for a moisturizer when using a primer?

    Hi - Great question!  For oily skin types, I do like a primer to keep makeup in place.  So yes, I'd recommend applying your moisturizer (oil-free!) and then topping it off with an oil-absorbing primer such as the Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Talc-Free Mineral Correcting Primer SPF 15. 

  • What took the place of le velvet foundation? I really like it the best. I have he BB compact, but it is on the oily side.

    Hi - Yes, that is the most similar item.  Have you tried it with an oil-free primer to help lock it on?

  • I have recently been diagnosed with breast cancer and I am very concerned about using any chemicals. Is your product all natural. I really could not tell from all the ingredients mentioned. I noticed alcohol and I know that is one thing not good for cancer. Thank you

    Hi - Thank you so much for writing in!  While the complete line is hypoallergenic and gentle, our most natural line is our Organic Wear line.  Good luck and feel better!

  • I tend to have oily skin and I would like to know what you suggest I use from the physicians formula products that don't add shimmer just a nice matte coverage.

    Great question - Oily skin types should definitely embrace oil-free primers.  (I love the Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Talc-Free Mineral Correcting Primer SPF 15.)  This will help prep your skin and keep makeup in place.   If you're looking for a more matte finish, I'd recommend a powder (powders help absorb oil), such as the Mineral Wear Talc-Free Airbrushing Powder.  Good luck!

  • I'm 55 with thin, dry, fair skin, dark circles, some ruddiness & wrinkles. Which foundation would be best: covertoxten50, or Mineral Wear Foundation or Super BB Cream? Some reviews of the BB cream said the light wasn't light enough. Would the Mineral Wear be too drying? Would covertoxten in buff beige be light enough for fair skin?

    Hi There - It's always hard to give specific shades without being able to see you, but if you're looking for anti-aging benefits with coverage, I'd check out the Youthful Wear Foundation (I especially like the new Spotless Foundation with the beveled brush!) or the Super CC Color-Correction + Care Cream.  Both of these offer buildable, blendable coverage and SPF protection, but the Youthful Wear Foundation offers additional anti-aging benefits like smoothing and firming.  

  • I am interested in applying for this company as a makeup artist who can I talk to? I'm a licensed cosmetologist for 15 years. How can I apply?

    Hmm - sounds like a question for consumer relations:

  • I am very fair with darker hair and hazel eyes and I have a problem finding eye shadows that do not make me look dead, ill, or washed out. Any suggestions?

    Sounds gorgeous!  Have you checked out the Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Eye Enhancing Eyeshadow & Liner in Hazel Eyes - the colors have specifically been curated to best show off hazel eyes.  I personally love pinks, and taupes to make your unique eye color pop!

  • I'm looking for a concealer that covers dark circles and also gives a nice highlight. Any suggestions.

    I really love the Mineral Wear Talc-Free Mineral Correcting Concealer Trio.  It features yellow to disguise blur under tones, nude to neutralize the nude tone and pink to highlight - it's small but powerful! 

  • Hi, I have used Le Velvet for a long time and was sorry to see it is no longer a Physicians Formula product. I have extremely sensitive, fair skin with dryness except in the t-zone. I am at a loss as to what to try. The former product covered well, stayed on, and fell very good to my 60+ skin. Any advise will be greatly appreciated. Cathy

    Hi Cathy - Thanks for checking in!  Yes, this is definitely one of our oldest items.  Of our current offerings, have you looked at the Super BB Beauty Balm Compact?  It offers great coverage, multiple anti-aging benefits and great SPF protection.  Check it out!

  • Hi there, I need a bit of help with the bronzers/powders.. I have freckles and brown/red hair .. I want to ditch the foundation and go for a bronzed sunkissed look to blend my feckles without it looking like mud and to give me a healthy glow! I don't mind if it has a slight glow but not too much Matt is also ok please let me kno wat you would recommend Thanks Alicia :)

    Hi Alicia - These are great questions!  Since you're fair, I'd recommend looking for a light bronzer, no more than one to two shades deeper than your natural skin tone(not freckle tone).  Look for a bronzer with illuminating properties so your skin glows such as the Nude Wear Glow Nude Bronzer.  Skin will look radiant, but your natural tone (freckles and all! :)) will shine through for a flawless finish.  

  • I'm turning 55 next week. I want an easy makeup to hide fine lines but stay on for 10 hrs. And of course make me look younger! I have normal skin and med shade, what do you thinks? Thanks

    Hi - thanks so much for checking in!  To streamline a beauty routine, I love a CC Cream, it provides coverage, SPF protection, blurs the look of any fine lines and discoloration.  (Love our Super CC Cream!)  I simply apply with my hands, as you would a moisturizer, and go!

  • I am looking for the best makeup for people with oily skin. I have had so much trouble finding something that will stay on and look good

    For skin that tends to be oilier, I recommend using mineral products as they are super gentle and won't cause breakouts.  I also like to start with a primer to help makeup stay put, while evening out the complexion, and then applying powder to help absorb oil and minimize shine.  Mineral Wear is my go-to for this!


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Professional Makeup Artist Joanna Schlip has worked with some of the most celebrated people in the entertainment industry. Her work has graced the covers of the most prestigious magazines worldwide. With her tremendous talent and outgoing personality she is consistently booked for beauty commercials, print campaigns, and A-List trendsetters for red carpet events. In addition, she contributes her artistic skill set to cutting edge editorials, runways, and fashion advertising from coast to coast.

At the age of eighteen Joanna left the United States for Paris, determined to start her career. It was a brave step for a young girl who didn't know anyone in Paris or speak a word of French. She just knew that she wanted to work for French Vogue. It took some major perseverance, but she achieved that goal and much, much more. Joanna spent over fifteen years in Europe working throughout Milan, Paris and London. Her experience in the highly visible European fashion industry honed her skills to an elite level taking her work to international status.

When Joanna returned to the U.S. in 1999, Los Angeles proved to be the place for her to be. Since returning to the U.S. she has made over forty television appearances and trained artistry teams for cosmetic giants. She is also a two time keynote speaker at the IMAT’s, a beauty author, an international spokesperson and world-wide beauty expert. Joanna’s extraordinary work ethic and genuine personality have afforded her an amazing clientele including Eva Longoria, Scarlett Johansson, Ellen Pompeo, Laura Linney, Hilary Duff, Sheryl Crow and Jessica Simpson.

In 2006, Joanna launched her first book, Glamour Gurlz: The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide to Great Make-up and Gurl Smarts (Random House). This fantastic how-to book of makeup is packed with over 100 beautiful original photos, “Schlip-tips” and tricks. It’s layered with inspirational quotes and stories from twenty-five celebrity beauties, thirty models and young women. All of Joanna’s proceeds from the book support J-Gurlz, a foundation Joanna created to help young women realize their true potential by making a difference in the lives of teen and transitional-aged girls while building self-esteem through innovative programs.

Joanna has traveled to ninety-three countries around the globe. She places her career first and continues to challenge herself everyday in hopes of sharing her vision of modern beauty with women everywhere.

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