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  • Hello, I am looking at the Talc free color corrector powder. it comes in 4 shades. asking if Buff Beige is lighter than Natural Beige or is the Natural Beige the lighter than Buff Beige of the 4 shades? Thanks.

    Hi - The product shades are listed from lightest to deepest, so Natural Beige would be deeper than Buff Beige.  Thanks!

  • Is the make up dairy free?

    Hi - That would be a question for consumer relations. You can contact them here:  Thanks!

  • Hi, I really love Physicians formula makeup, but all of your BB Creams, CC creams, and foundations are too dark for my extremely fair skin. Why don't you make lighter makeup?

    Thanks for writing in!  We're always looking to expand shade offerings, so hopefully we'll have your perfect shade soon.  In the  mean time, have you tried sheering out the shade with your regular moisturizer?

  • Hi! I am moving to Missouri, and I have absolutely no idea how to handle humidity and makeup! I love Physicians Formula but am worried that it won't hold up to the humidity... Which PF products will still work for me?

    To deal with humidity it's best to lighten up!  Look for lightweight, breathable formulas that won't clog pores.  Start out with a primer which will help extend makeup wear and help lock it in place.  The Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Talc-Free Mineral Correcting Primer works great. Then try for a lightweight tinted moisturizer or BB or CC cream so you have less products to layer.  Good luck!

  • what is the best way to apply primer, foundation and then powder to make skin look flawless without becoming cakey?

    Great question!  Start with primer to prep your skin.  I like to apply primer only where you need it to avoid looking cakey.  Afterward apply your foundation, again where you need it.   Good luck!

  • Are your eye shadows animal tested

    Nope, Physicians Formula does not test on animals. 

  • I have been using your Kohl Kajal liners and like them but they are getting very blunt at the end. They came with no sharpener and don't seem to be self sharpening so I may be missing something but I can't even find a sharpener that fits or works with them. So am I missing something?

    Great question - The kajals are designed to self-sharpen so as you wear them they gradually keep coming to a point.  To reshape yours, try using them on an angle and rotating them to bring back the point.  Good luck!

  • Is the Eye Booster instant lash extesion kit & eye liner waterproof? Also can it be removed with face cleansers or do you need to use an eye makeup remover.

    Hi - No, this items isn't waterproof, and it can be removed with your eye makeup remover or just cleanser and water.  

  • What color of POWDER PALETTE®MULTI-COLORED BLUSH do I wear if I have olive skin?

    With your skintone you can really wear any shade - lucky you!  It really depends on the look your going for but, I really like Blushing Peach and Blushing Nude.  Good luck!

  • Hi Joanna.I am using makeup forever 123. Which shade should I go for nude wear foundation. Can I get any sample of nude wear to try it first?

    Hi - Sounds like you would need Nude Wear Glowing Nude Foundation in Light/Medium.  Good luck!

  • Love the Nude Wear foundation. Had never tried applying foundation with a brush - the effect was super! My question - how often should I wash the brush and with what?

    So glad you like!  I recommend washing your brushes at least once per month and allow them to air dry completely.  It's essential to wash your brushes regularly to avoid transferring bacteria.  

  • Hi. I have a question about the cc plus cream in the tube. I bought the color light just yesterday and used it for the first time this morning. I'm not sure I find it very moisturizing? Should it be? I feel maybe it dehydrated my skin just a bit. Can it be worn with a moisturizer, or is that not recommended. I used first aid beauty ultra repair cream, it's not to heavy. But I have the lighter version in the lotion form. Please help!

    Great question - while the CC Cream is designed to take the place of your moisturizer (and several other items in your routine!), you can definitely wear over your moisturizer if you feel like you need additional moisture.  Your skin changes every day so feel free to tweak as works best for you.  

  • I purchased the Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Blue Eyes...I was wondering if you had "instructions", ie., pictures with regards to application...what to "put" where, etc. Please advise :D THANKS :)

    Great question!  On the outer packaging of the box, they actually have photos of several ways to wear this product - natural, playful and dramatic. However, if you've already tossed, simply look at the palette - the colors are broken up by look.  The top color is always the highlighter, the middle the lid color and the smallest, third color of each trio is for liner.  Good luck and have fun - experiment! 

  • Is there a new face makeup from Physicians Formula to replace Sun Shield liquid makeup with SPC15?

    Have you seen the new Bronze Booster Glow Boosting BB Bronzing Cream with SPF?  It offers a radiant golden glow with spf protection!

  • what color of PF loose foundation, matches bareminerals "Fairly Light", PLEASE ! Thank you :)

    I'd look for Physicians Formula products in Creamy Natural for that light, but not super fair, shade.

  • I really would like to become an makeup artist/ cosmetologist, but i don't have any of the professional supplies to do that and i also can't afford to buy expensive products. Do you have any advice?

    Thanks so much for writing!  I would definitely check out mass market products like Physicians Formula.  They offer amazing formulations and cutting-edge technology.  You don't have to spend a bundle to get quality products!

  • what is the difference between superCC concealer and superBB concealer

    Great question - CC's products, by nature, offer color correction and higher coverage.  So if you're looking for more color payoff, I'd recommend the CC Concealer! :)

  • Hi - A few years back I had purchased a 2-in-one mascara - one side is purple and the other side is black... I absolutely love the unique look this mascara gives and I can no longer find it anywhere. Can you tell me if you still carry it or if you have a new formula as a replacement? Thank you :)

    Yes, the Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Mascara Duo for Brown Eyes - love it!  While it is an older item, it should still be available on 

  • Hi, I am looking to buy Happy Booster Blush. I am Indian with I would say medium skin tone. Can you suggest which shade should I buy. Thanks, Neha

    Hi Neha,

    With your gorgeous skin tone you can really wear anything, and these blushes have a high color payoff, but I do think the warm will look beautiful for a pop of peach. Experienent and have fun!

  • I can't tell the difference between the color choices of the following new products: bronzer (Paris vs. New York) and argan blush (natural vs. rose). Each alternative looks the same on the web. Thank you.

    Sure - for the blushes, rose is more pink and natural is more nuetral.  The Paris bronzer is deeper than New York.  Hope that helps!


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Professional Makeup Artist Joanna Schlip has worked with some of the most celebrated people in the entertainment industry. Her work has graced the covers of the most prestigious magazines worldwide. With her tremendous talent and outgoing personality she is consistently booked for beauty commercials, print campaigns, and A-List trendsetters for red carpet events. In addition, she contributes her artistic skill set to cutting edge editorials, runways, and fashion advertising from coast to coast.

At the age of eighteen Joanna left the United States for Paris, determined to start her career. It was a brave step for a young girl who didn't know anyone in Paris or speak a word of French. She just knew that she wanted to work for French Vogue. It took some major perseverance, but she achieved that goal and much, much more. Joanna spent over fifteen years in Europe working throughout Milan, Paris and London. Her experience in the highly visible European fashion industry honed her skills to an elite level taking her work to international status.

When Joanna returned to the U.S. in 1999, Los Angeles proved to be the place for her to be. Since returning to the U.S. she has made over forty television appearances and trained artistry teams for cosmetic giants. She is also a two time keynote speaker at the IMAT’s, a beauty author, an international spokesperson and world-wide beauty expert. Joanna’s extraordinary work ethic and genuine personality have afforded her an amazing clientele including Eva Longoria, Scarlett Johansson, Ellen Pompeo, Laura Linney, Hilary Duff, Sheryl Crow and Jessica Simpson.

In 2006, Joanna launched her first book, Glamour Gurlz: The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide to Great Make-up and Gurl Smarts (Random House). This fantastic how-to book of makeup is packed with over 100 beautiful original photos, “Schlip-tips” and tricks. It’s layered with inspirational quotes and stories from twenty-five celebrity beauties, thirty models and young women. All of Joanna’s proceeds from the book support J-Gurlz, a foundation Joanna created to help young women realize their true potential by making a difference in the lives of teen and transitional-aged girls while building self-esteem through innovative programs.

Joanna has traveled to ninety-three countries around the globe. She places her career first and continues to challenge herself everyday in hopes of sharing her vision of modern beauty with women everywhere.

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