Discover the beauty of bamboo!
Bamboo Wear™ is a line of makeup and accessories with formulas that contain Bamboo Silk for the perfect airbrushed finish. Each Face Powder and Bronzer Refill fits in the Bamboo Wear Refillable Bamboo Compacts.
Bamboo Silk Powder
Each Bamboo Wear™ Face Powder and Bronzer Refill contains this highly sustainable, nutrient-rich and illuminating powder that delivers skin-renewing and skin-conditioning benefits for the perfect airbrushed finish.

RemineralizesRevives skin with essential minerals needed to maintain an even skin tone, texture and healthy-looking complexion.

Rebalances- Absorbs excess oil for a fresh, comfortable feel and finish without a drying effect.

Restores- Smoothes skin surface and blurs fine lines while providing a toning and lifting effect that begins upon application.
Sustainable Packaging
Bamboo is a highly renewable resource and its natural sustainability, durability and beauty make it ideal for a reusable compact.
Bamboo Wear™ Bamboo Compact
  • This naturally beautiful and durable compact houses the Bamboo Silk Face Powder or Bronzer refill in the bottom compartment with magnets to hold it in place.
  • Includes a full-size mirror and bamboo brush applicator for convenient touch-ups on-the-go.
  • Your empty refill pan can be recycled and the compact can be reused.
Bambuki™ Brush Applicator
  • The Bambuki™ Brush is the ultimate airbrushing applicator, perfect for use with the Bamboo Silk Face Powder and Bronzer.
  • Designed with a full head of luxuriously soft and densely packed natural hair for maximum pick-up of powder and effortless blending.
  • Delivers medium to full coverage application for use all over face and décolleté.
  • 100% Natural Hair
  • 100% Naturally Sustainable Bamboo Handle.