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  • Are your items that are gluten free labeled gluten free on the packaging?

    All the skincare products are gluten free.

  • Hi, I know all of you have been asked this many times & may get tired of the gluten questions. But I am suffering from Celiac's disease & have had some crazy reactions to things, since I've been clearing my body. I find it very hard to trust companies that just say yes to some of their products but aren't really specific. I see that questions have been answered saying all the "new" line make-up is gluten free. Although that isn't a list or if you might put a gluten free notice on the item itself would help sell your items to the growing masses of people suffering from gluten. I recently bought the mineral wear foundation & the powder but I know it has Tocopheryl acetate, which can come from corn, wheat or soy. Can you please tell me more about this & if you can give a list of products that are & will stay gluten free? I would like to share with my many friends that I've met over the time I've been dealing with this disease. I do love your products by the way! Thank you, Sarah

    All of the skincare products are gluten free. For questions regarding the makeup, please reach out to Ask Joanna. Thank you!

  • what is the best products for under eye circles?

    The skin of the under-eye area requires special attention because it is thinner and more prone to dryness and wrinkling as a result of skin laxity. In addition, dark circles under the eyes are a very common complaint among my patients. Both the Moisture Balance Eye Cream and the Anti-aging Eye Cream provides the moisture this special area requires and improves the appearance of dark circles with the eye brightener ingredient. You have to check out the special applicator on these products that makes applying the eye cream a cinch!

  • What has happened to Sun shield makeup? I have used it for years and it is great but now cannot find it. Is there a new product that is close to Sun Shield? Thanks.

    Please direct makeup related questions to Ask Joanna. Thank you!

  • Does PF have a skin care product that will fade Melasma?

    Give the Dark Spot Corrector and Skin Brightener a try. The potent serum targets signs of uneven skin tone and helps address the evidence of sun damage: dark spots, dark patches and skin stresses. The anti-oxidant formula can help inhibit the appearance of uneven pigment formation. Specialized ingredients target surface darkening and exfoliate it away. Works to keep skin looking brighter, more uniform in tone.

  • Does Physicians Formula participate in animal testing? Does Physicians Formula use third-party companies to perform animal testing? Does Physicians Formula test any of the ingredients used in their products on animals? Thank you, Abigail Knight 2094942679

    Physicians Formula does not test on animals.

  • I am 56 and my skin has lost its glow, plus I am seeing deeper lines and a strong number eleven line. I am inquiring about your products as I am looking for a company that does not test on animals. Could you tell me a routine to follow and I'll purchase it.

    Physicians Formula does not test on animals. The backbone of the anti-aging regimen is the Wrinkle Corrector & Firming cleanser, the Wrinkle Corrector and Daily Moisturizer with SPF, the Deep Wrinkle Day & Night Cream and the Intensive Wrinkle Eye Cream. The cleanser can be used twice daily as the first step in the regimen. In the morning, after cleansing, apply the Wrinkle Corrector and Daily Moisturizer with SPF 15. At nighttime, apply the Deep Wrinkle Corrector Day & Night cream followed by the Intensive Wrinkle Corrector Eye Cream. Now that you have that basic regimen, add to it the products that address your concerns. The Dark Spot Corrector & Skin Brightener can be used day and night to the affected areas. The Firming & Lifting Booster would be applied at nighttime after the Day & Night cream and Eye cream. The best thing about this regimen is that you can take the basics and tailor it perfectly to your concerns with the treatment products.

  • I have very bad acne scares how do you recommend to get rid of them?

    Try the Dark Spot Corrector & Skin Brightener, which contains Lactic Acid, plus ingredients to lighten scaring and uneven pigmentation, dark patches and skin stresses. Specialized ingredients target surface darkening and exfoliate it away while also working to keep skin looking brighter and more uniform in tone. 

  • You did have an under eye cream. Can I still buy it

    Please contact Customer Service to locate the product you're looking for. Thanks!

  • Is the Youthful Wear™ Cosmeceutical Youth-Boosting Mattifying Face Powder gluten free? If not, can you tell me which face powders are gluten free? Thank you!

    Please direct makeup related questions to Ask Joanna. Thank you!

  • I have combonation-oily skin that is very sensitive to acne breakouts and I also have redness around my nose. I was wondering if Physicians Formula makeup would make me breakout?

    In regards to skincare, all the products are 100% Fragrance and Paraben Free and Non-Comedogenic, which means it has the highest level of testing to prove that it will no block your pores and cause acne breakouts. In regards to makeup, please reach out to Ask Joanna. Thank you!

  • I recently bought the PF cosmetic procedure alternatives kit and used it once and had to go to a physician because my face swelled up and I had a reaction to one of these products. Don't know which. Have been using all Physicians Formula products and love them until now. Which one of that kit do you think it may have been as I would love to use the others.

    It's very hard to say but if you're experiencing irritation, please discontinue use.


Dr. Meghan O’Brien is a board certified dermatologist specializing in comprehensive medical and cosmetic dermatology. She graduated as cum laude from Harvard University with a bachelor’s degree in Anthropology and completed her advanced medical training in dermatology at Drexel University College of medicine. Dr. O’Brien is a Clinical Instructor at Weill Cornell Medical College and is practicing with one of the most prestigious skin care clinics in the country, Tribeca Park Dermatology group in New York City.