What makes
Physicians Formula


Doctor Invented

Physicians Formula was born in 1937 of passion–created by a leading Los Angeles allergist for his wife’s sensitive skin.


Health Meets Glamour

Physicians Formula believes that you shouldn’t have to choose between health and glamour. Our mission is to provide innovative products that are fun, exciting and free of the 130+ known skin irritants found in many brands.



Physicians Formula’s innovations have revolutionized the cosmetic industry and made it #1!

Bronzer - Physicians Formula is America’s #1 Bronzer Brand.

Mineral Makeup - Physician Formula is America’s #1 mineral makeup brand.

Natural/Organic Makeup - Physicians Formula’s Organic wear Mascara is the #1 natural/organic cosmetic product in America.


Prestige at mass

Physicians Formula makes high-end, high-performance formulations found in prestige brands more affordable and accessible to all.


Good for your skin

Always count on Physicians Formula to be hypoallergenic, dermatologist approved and gluten-free.

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